25 Years Deltalink: What a party! Thank you all very much.

25 years in business: this is not something that can go unnoticed. Together with our customers, vendors and sponsors we celebrated this event with a party. If we can believe the feedback we got from those attending it, it was spot on!“What an enjoyable evening: excellent reception, a great performance from Thomas Smith, good food, wonderful music and hilarious pictures from the photobooth!” 

“What a celebration! Congratulations to Deltalink for pulling this off.”

A top location at the trendy southside of Antwerp – Café Local – 150 attendees, a former miss Belgium – Véronique de Kock – as hostess, a buffet ‘Journey around the world’, a 1 hour show of stand-up comedian Thomas Smith mocking all IT-people present 🙂 – an interview with both managing directors of Deltalink about the past, present and future of IT distribution, awards to recognise some of our customers and people and DJ LeBart to end the evening on a dancing note. Those we’re the ingredients of an unforgettable evening.

We would like to thank all our customers for their business with us over the past years and, let’s go get together the next 25 years!

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