1. Solid partnership

  • Nebula is the business class cloud network management solution from ZyXEL. For nearly 30 years, ZyXEL is developing innovative networking solutions. ZyXEL – Your networking Ally
  • Partnering with ZyXEL means a solid relationship. Deltalink will assist you to become a partner of ZyXEL so you benefit immediately from the partner programme. ZyXEL Partner Portal   


2. Clear product range

The nebula managed access points range:



More technical info ZYX-NAP 102

More technical info ZYX-NAP 203

More technical info ZYX-NAP 303


Thanks to nebula:

–  you avoid complex price request
–  no recurring licenses needed
– no compromise on performance
– easy setup

3. !!Promo!!

Now nebula acquaintance Promo:

NAP203:     €127.99*

NAP303:     €279.00*

* Price only applicable on first purchase, unlimited amount
Valid until 28/02/2018

4. Excellent warranty coverage

All nebula access points are standard, free of extra charge, covered with limited (= still 5 years after EOL announcement)  lifetime warranty.

During this period, in case of hardware failure, the NBD (next business day) a replacement unit will be shipped. If a faster replacement is needed, you can subscribe for the NBDD service (Next Business Day Delivery) for a minimal fee up to 4 years.  In such scenario,  a replacement unit will be delivered the next business day.

5. The nebula Control Center

This is the central management cloud management platform.
No idea what it looks like?  CHECK THE DEMO !

6. Keep in touch with deltalink

Stay in touch with the deltalink team and keep the advantage of working with your trusted advisor for all pre and after sales support.

7. Take the next step

Why stop with cloud management at WiFi networks? With nebula you can also manage your nebula network switches and firewalls with the same intuitive platform!

Contact deltalink

8. Seeing is believing

Want physical proof? Just ask a presentation, demo or test it yourself. To do so just contact deltalink.

9. Is your story the next success story?

Dutch Hotel Chain, Bastion, meets customer’s wireless needs with ZyXEL Solution. For more info check the video below or  DOWNLOAD THE PDF !


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