On Monday March 12th we will give you all the necessary insights in the most essential modules of the NSE1 and NSE2 certification track to help you sell more and better Fortinet Solutions in the future.

In NSE1 you will develop a general understanding of the ever-increasing and evolving threat landscape, a deeper insight of the general network security concept and we’ll lay the foundation to better cope with the topics dealt with in NSE2.

In NSE2 you will learn the most valuable and necessary Fortinet Solutions that you need to obtain a more specific understanding of the threat landscape and security issues we have dealt with in NSE1.

Each module comes a long with a test, which we will handle together.

What can you expect?


  • Lesson 1_Bad Actors
  • Lesson 2_CIO Perspectives
  • Lesson 3_CISO Perspectives
  • Lesson 4_CFO Perspectives
  • Fortinet Threat Landscape Report
  • Fortinet Threat Landscape Video

  • Fortinet Security Fabric
  • Advanced Threat Protection Solution (ATP)
  • Unified Threat Management Solution (UTM)
  • Security Access Solution
  • Cyber Threat Assessment Program



  • All Participants need to bring their own laptop
  • Every participant needs valid credentials and are already registered to be able to access the Fortinet Partner Portal (NSE Institute)
  • After your subscription you will receive a more detailed mail with all actions that need to be taken before the course starts (with screenshots, to make it easier for you)


Monday 12th March 12:00 (Welcome & Lunch) – 17:00 (Celebration)


100% FREE




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