After 25 years we decided that we needed a make-over. Therefor we’ve started to renovate our trusted and current offices, Fortsesteenweg 25 Sint-Katelijne-Waver. Good to know: you will not even notice that we are refurbishing because we will be located and available at the same address during the renovation.

In our first deltablog (Part 1) we took you back to how our offices looked like it the past and compared it to the future plans. We also highlighted the progress we have made so far. Part 2 will be no different.

We left you at the new conference room. Did anything change? It sure did!

The glass surroundings are put in place. The conference room is deltaprove, hence the red paint job. Every room is undergoing e new style, even the small ones. Step 7 is a new lavatory!

We already showed you that all wires have been renewed. The airco is completely installed. Everything is in orde to take it to the next step.

New ceiling… check!

We admit….It’s quite difficult to image a stairs in the office. But no worries, these plans will give you the right impression of what it would look like!

We are making a lot of progress, don’t you think? If you have still any doubt, step 9 will take care of that. Momentarily the office is being painted. This new paint job will freshen up the new office. Very curious what the result will be!

Almost there but not quit yet. Still work to do. You are probably wondering: ‘Where are the good people of deltalink currently staying?’ It’s no big secret actually. We have made our training room our new home!

We all get along fine so the temporary cosy surroundings aren’t an issue! A lot of work has been done, but still some way to go. We’re very excited about it all and we’re looking forward to the result. Stay tuned to see all developments concerning our make-over in a new deltablog: renovation.

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