After 25 years we decided that we needed a make-over. Therefor we’ve started to renovate our trusted and current offices, Fortsesteenweg 25 Sint-Katelijne-Waver. Good to know: you will not even notice that we are refurbishing because we will be located and available at the same address during the renovation.

Our third deltaBlog will show you all the progress that has been made. Take a quick look at what our offices will look like!

Remember the plans we showed you in the first deltaBlog (Part 1)?

There is no denying we made a lot of progress. It’s starting to look very similar, right?

It’s becoming very difficult to see the differences! 😉 ;). On the left side you can spot the new meeting room, similar to the plans. In front of the picture you can see the new filing cabinets and on the right the new kitchenette. Everything is falling into place! The only thing still missing is the stairs, but obviously we’ll keep you posted on that! For now, let’s take a closer look!

The floor used to be grey and dingy, not anymore. Now there is a wood-like vinyl which makes it look fresher. It’s also more sound proof…. It’s like walking on a cloud ;).

Look great, right? As do our new desks!

Super big and super bright! We’re very eager to use them obviously… A BIG thank you  to our own Heidi Dillen for choosing such nice desks that go beautifully with the white walls and de wood-like floor!

Moving on…… Let’s take a closer look at the kitchenette.

There it a lot of stuff missing yet, such as a new coffee machine (very, very, very important ;)). But you get the picture. When you enter straight left and you’ll find everything to enjoy your stay at our office! (Hence: good coffee ;)). Next to it you get a first look at what we cool the new print zone!

Hmmm….. There is something missing!? 😉 We’ll going to install all printers and paper material when the renovation is completed! Not very impressive like this, but in the future printing will be a good exercise!

Last but not least, let take a look inside the new meeting room!

New floor: Check! Soundproof Glass: Check! deltalink-red-wall: Check! Airco: Check! New desks: Check! But not just new desks…. Adjustable desks!

If you want to stretch your legs but you can just skip that important meeting…. Just do it in upright position. The meeting is taking too long…. No worries… in a couple of seconds you can adjust it to a seated meeting! Fantastic!

A lot of work has been done, but still some way to go. We’re very excited about it all and we’re looking forward to the result. Stay tuned to see all developments concerning our make-over in a new deltablog: renovation.

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