After 25 years we decided that we needed a make-over. Therefor we’ve started to renovate our trusted and current offices, Fortsesteenweg 25 Sint-Katelijne-Waver. Good to know: you will not even notice that we are refurbishing because we will be located and available at the same address during the renovation.

The fourth and final deltaBlog! There have been a lot of alterations, obviously, and we’re pleased to say all renovations have been finalized. We still have to move all of our stuff, but considering all changes that something we can handle ;). So we will be moving to our new desks next week! (Yiiiihaaa)

Last time we posted our deltaBlog (Part 3) you got a good look in what the new office would look like. The only thing missing was the stairs: Problem solved!

Isn’t she a beauty?! Perfect match if you take a look at the rest of the interior. For example the new entrance…

Or if you just keep on walking all the way to the back of our office…

The kitchenette was practically finished last time….. 1 particularly important thing missing. Do you think you can guess it?

Coffeeeeeee!!!!!! Alongside with everything else we’ve ordered a new coffee machine! It makes FANTASTIC coffee! Do come over and check it out yourself! Furthermore the entire office is fully equipped since the last of our desks have been installed!

As you can see we started to prepare the movement! Missing the big picture?

Click here if you want an exclusive sneak peak!

It looks amazing, if we may say so ourselves! It has been a long journey but it was very exciting and fantastic to share our thoughts with you!

We hope to welcome you soon at our new office and give you the tour in person!

The deltalink Team

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