Want to WIN an awesome Deltalink World Cup box and

have fun whilst doing so?

All you have to do: Predict the right outcome of the 3 group stage matches of our Belgian National Team:

– Belgium vs Panama   18/06/18
– Belgium vs Tunisia     23/06/18
– England vs Belgium   28/06/18

You can participate until June 17, 2018.  We will announce the winners 2 days after the last group stage match of the Belgian Red Devils (June 30, 2018). The winners of the Deltalink World Cup Box can support the Red Devils into the next round (hopefully!) in style!

How do I win points?
Very simple:

1. Predict the right outcome per match: 3 points per match
e.g.: Belgium winner, Opponent Winner or draw

2. Predict the exact right score: additional 2 points per match
e.g.: Belgium-Panama: 2-1, Belgium Tunisia: 2-0, England-Belgium: 1-3

What is it I’ll win?

Thanks to your World Cup Knowledge you may be one of the few lucky ones to receive the Deltalink World cup box, filled with:

1 Smirnoff Wodka Bottle (70cl)
3 Deltalink Sunglasses
1 Deltalink Viking Hat
1 tricolor Lei

With this awesome Deltalink World Cup Kit you can scream our Red Devils into the final!

Can I play?

– If you are 18 or older.
– but only once.

We have 20 Deltalink World Cup boxes to raffle, so the best 20 predictions win the contest.

Enjoy and Good luck!!

3th of JULY 2018

#smirnoffwodka #sunglasses #hats #redtogether

The winners of our DELTALINK WORLD CUP CHALLENGE are…..

 Yannick De Rudder #networx  GREVEN Sacha#HLMInformatics  Dave van Loon #cereus  Miguel Lopez#AedesIT  Schenk Patrick #Multidata  Roel Kerschot #BKM Walter JACQUES #Flex4you   Laurens Cools #zoonvan  Valerie Dekrem #BKM  Yves Van Lancker #4K Tom Glavas #IT1 Maarten Avonts #acom  Arno Horemans #zoonvanonsHeidi Wim Delbroek #BKM  Tom Hufkens #vanroey   Michael Huijbregts #vanroey  Ewart Dupont #vanroey  Kevin Beyers#nextel 


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