Official Launch of Deltalink’s very own, BRAND NEW Value-Add Services, what’s in it for YOU? Want to have insights into our NEW and only Complete Manageable Partner Portal in Belgium at first hand? Would you like to know the latest news about the NEW Fortinet Price List (Q1) and our NSE 1/2 Certification days? Or are you curious about our NEW GDPR solutions/packs for your end-customers?

Welcome to our very first Deltalink Power Update of 2018. To start the new year with valuable ànd NEW fresh information, where your input will be appreciated a lot in our open discussion about our role as a Value-Add Distributor! All of this with the absolute goal to boost YOUR business in this coming year

Let’s GO!


Tuesday 20th of february
Breakfast reception
10:30 – 12:30
  • Brand New Value-Add Services
  • Complete Manageable Partner Portal (demo)
  • New Fortinet Price List (Q1) – NSE 1/2 Certification days
  • New GDPR solutions/packs for your end-customers
12:30 – 13:30  

Presentation by:

Thomas Deflem – Deltalink Business Development Manager Fortinet

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