Fueled by the Fortinet NP7 Processor, the FortiGate 4200F Delivers an Average of 10x the Performance of Competitors; Enables Ultra-fast Network Firewalling, Accelerated Internal Segmentation, and Massively Scalable Teleworker Solutions. 

Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT), a global leader in broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions, today announced another milestone in its ability to deliver the industry’s highest performance. Powered by NP7, the seventh generation of Fortinet’s custom-built network processor, FortiGate 4200F is specifically engineered to deliver the scalability and performance required for the networks of today and tomorrow.

Organizations need to be able to expand and adapt their network security to changing business conditions at a moment’s notice. Whether an organization is retooling their network to suddenly support a remote workforce, or embracing digital innovation, performance and scalability are key. Unfortunately, most security solutions are simply unable to provide speed and scale at a price that most companies can afford. That’s because security vendors simply have not invested in the technology required to cost-effectively meet the demands of today’s digital workplace. This has forced organizations to purchase security solutions with minimal performance and scalability headroom. As a result, when a critical event occurs, or the market requires digital innovation, firewalls become a bottleneck rather than an enabler.

To deliver security that keeps pace with the scale and performance demands of the new realities of today’s data centers, Fortinet is introducing the FortiGate 4200F, the newest addition to its portfolio of high-end network firewalls. As an integral part of the Fortinet Security Fabric, FortiGate 4200F has been specifically engineered to enable an innovative, security-driven networking approach that seamlessly integrates networking with security. The hardware acceleration of FortiGate 4200F via Fortinet’s seventh generation network processor, NP7, delivers Security Compute Ratings* 5 to 15 times better than comparable competitor solutions. Below is a comparison of the top firewalls on the market against FortiGate 4200F:


* Security Compute Rating is the benchmark (performance multiplier) that compares Fortinet’s purpose-built ASIC-based FortiGate NGFW performance vs the industry average of competing products across various categories that fall within a close price band​ that utilize generic CPUs for networking and security capabilities.
1 Enabled with an optional Feature License
2 SRX5400E-B1-AC, non-power mode

With these performance numbers, FortiGate 4200F enables ultra-fast network firewalling, accelerated internal segmentation, and massively scalable teleworker solutions to secure the data center edge and core across a variety of use cases.

FortiGate 4200F: Delivering Business Outcomes

FortiGate 4200F, powered by Fortinet’s 7th generation processor (NP7), radically increases the speed, scale, and performance for large enterprise data centers. The 4200F delivers the highest performance and scale to securely drive digital innovation and meet the huge capacity and performance demands of critical business operations across a wide variety of verticals and large enterprises including financial services, healthcare, education, advanced research, and high-velocity e-commerce. The following are a few examples of FortiGate 4200F use cases:

  • Financial services organizations building massively scalable remote access: In this ever-changing world, customers across industries are increasingly enabling a remote workforce to come online expeditiously – speed translates to productivity. The FortiGate 4200F offers the industry’s highest Security Compute Rating of 10x for IPsec encrypted performance and allows organizations to implement business continuity while sustaining ongoing operations.
  • Large manufacturing and energy companies managing internal security risks: Reducing the attack surface, especially in today’s dynamic environment, is essential for protecting critical applications and infrastructure. Providing trusted application access and achieving compliance requires enterprises to segment at scale. With a Security Compute Rating of 5x for SSL inspection (including TLS 1.3), FortiGate 4200F delivers the industry’s best price/performance.
  • High-velocity e-retail and e-commerce providers handling event-based connection bursts: Managing previously unseen levels of capacity and support for up to tens of millions of user connections per second is mandatory for virtual business. With a Security Compute Rating of 15x for connections per second, the FortiGate 4200F provides high performance security to handle escalating business needs without compromising user experience. With a further Security Compute Rating of 8x, FortiGate 4200F delivers essential firewall security for a wide variety of online businesses.
  • Advanced pharmaceutical research, oil and gas, and government organizations that require support for elephant flows: Today’s data centers struggle to securely transfer huge datasets (e.g. 1 TB files) for activities such as AI/ML simulations used within cutting-edge research. The FortiGate 4200F allows the rapid transfer of large datasets by supporting multiple 100Gbps elephant flows.
  • Cloud providers and large enterprises that must segment massively scalable virtual networks: Typical security products that use software-based Virtual Extension LAN (VXLAN) solutions have low performance and high latency, which increases time to service. FortiGate 4200F offers hardware accelerated VXLAN to enable secure, and super-fast communication without impacting performance.

Supporting Quotes

“Fortinet provides more performance and scale at a lower cost. It’s as simple as that. And because all their products work together as a fabric, our network security is future-proofed to grow with us as we pursue digital innovation initiatives.”
– Christopher Zolla, Assistant Director, Metropolitan Regional Service Council, NEOnet

“Fortinet continues to improve their enterprise FortiGate offerings with the high performance and efficacy ratings – along with the cost efficiency – that we expect from them. Enterprise FortiGate is not just a product but an integrated solution tied to a comprehensive security fabric platform that has consistently performed well in our WWT Advanced Technology Center (ATC) testing. Choosing Fortinet is a no-brainer for organizations and an opportunity for us to deliver best-of-breed solutions to our enterprise customers.”
– Mike McGlynn, VP Global Security, WWT

“Today more enterprises than ever before require high performance and high scalability for their data center firewall deployments. Some hyperscale data centers are even outpacing their firewall’s capabilities, turning their security into a hurdle they must overcome. With FortiGate 4200F, Fortinet delivers a hardware-accelerated high performance solution that fulfills use cases few other vendors are able to with support for multiple 100Gbps Elephant flows, hardware accelerated VXLAN termination to enable segmentation, and support for an unheard of 8 million connections per second. Fortinet’s price/performance and ability to deliver a wide range of use cases is what sets them apart.”
– Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst, ZK Research

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Source: www.fortinet.com

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