Third generation of Network Security: New features and possibilities across Security Fabric

This new version offers over 200 new features. Among them:

  • New security capabilities across the key solution areas within its Security Fabric architecture; including management and analytics, multi-cloud, network, advanced threat protection, unified access, web applications, email, IoT and endpoint security.
  • Industry-leading secure SD-WAN functionality, threat detection services, and expanded visibility from IoT to multi-cloud networks protect the vast attack surface resulting from digital transformation (DX) strategies.
  • More Cloud Connectors within Security Fabric: Private cloud connectors (VMware NSX, Cisco ACI and Nokia Nuage), public cloud connectors (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Platform and Oracle Cloud) and CASB connectors for SaaS-solutions  (Salesforce, Office 365, Dropbox, Box and AWS). These connectors portray an integrated overview of security within all cloud surroundings.
  • New automated lifecycle workflows, attack surface hardening services, with customized ranking and industry benchmarking, deliver the next level of NOC/SOC management.|
  • Business, network and entity level tagging functionality enable business precise segmentation, providing the critical building blocks for intent-based network security.

Digital transformation is creating new operating and service delivery models that provide undeniable value to users through technologies such as IoT, mobile computing and cloud-based services, generating a vast digital attack surface. As the speed and scale of cyberthreats expands, security must take on its own transformation by integrating into all areas of digital technology and be able to translate user intent into automated business response. FortiOS 6.0 delivers hundreds of new features and capabilities that were designed to provide the broad visibility, integrated threat intelligence and automated response required for digital business.

Michael Xie, founder, President and CTO, Fortinet

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