The Nebula cloud networking and management solution provides centralized control and visibility over all Nebula wired and wireless networking hardware — all without the cost and complexity of on-site control equipment or overlay management systems. With comprehensive product portfolio that can be centrally managed from the cloud, Nebula offers simple, intuitive and scalable management for all networks.



• Zero-touch provisioning, built-in multisite network management tools accelerate deployment of large networks

• Intuitive, automated network management interface as well as continuous feature updates that eliminate training and labor for network maintenance and support

• Centralized, unified and on-demand control as well as visibility that reduce capital expense for hardware and software

• Free cloud management for the life of the product without the need for ongoing costs

• NAP, NSW and NSG series products are sold bundled with 1 year professional pack license to experience advanced features

• A comprehensive networking product portfolio from a single vendor ensures better product compatibility

• Credit and on-demand licensing model provides high flexibility based on business dynamics

Download the Nebula Solution Guide here.

Source: Zyxel


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