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Smart Antenna AP: Zyxel offers the best solution

Co-channel interference is nowhere to hide In today's 802.11ac wireless networking, the most annoying interference is caused by AP itself, How is that possible? Co-channel interference exists in everywhere many APs operate simultaneously. Independent university study...

IT VAR services clients remotely with Nebula cloud from Zyxel

Norwegian IT company Com-Net provides its customers with top-tier service throughout the country. One of the difficulties of operating in the Scandinavian country is that clients are often spread out over a large area and some are only accessible by plane. They needed...

IoT Threats: same hacks, new devices

F-Secure finds IoT threats and attacks are increasing, but rely on well-known security weaknesses. The internet of things explosion has proven controversial due to the insufficient security measures in many of these internet-connected devices. And a new report from...

Fortinet Roadshow 2019 Report

On May 28 and 29 we organised our Fortinet Roadshow! We toured around the country in our very own VIP-bus.                 [video width="640" height="368"...

Channel “over-promising” and ‘under-delivering”

Too many channel firms are “over-promising and under-delivering” in a bid to win business, declared Nick Ewing, managing director of data centre and IT consultancy at Efficiency IT. Ewing said he sees IT providers running into problems by claiming knowledge in areas...

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