Do you have a new business opportunity? Register it and receive a bonus from F-Secure.

For every accepted business opportunity registration F-Secure rewards you with a bonus of €250 or €350, depending on the size of the opportunity.

Number of seats
100 – 500 seats
500+ seats

How does it work?

  1. Fill in this form. Password: ORB-BE.
  2. Together with F-Secure, deltalink will evaluate the opportunity.
  3. If the opportunity meets the following conditions, F-Secure will reward you with a bonus.
    1. End customer opportunity should be:
      • interested in a sales action from F-Secure like (online) demo, meeting, pricing information etc.
      • and willing to switch to F-Secure;
      • and his licenses expire within 18 months;
      • and there is a point of improvement compared to his/her current security vendor.
    2. Only opportunities related to PM and PSB products can be registered:
      • PM: all F-Secure products that contain Policy Manager.
      • PSB: all products in the product line Protection Service for Business.
    3. Only opportunities with an interest to buy licenses for a minimum of 1 (one) year.
    4. Only new lisenses, no renewals.
    5. It’s not possible to register an opportunity after the products have been delivered / deal has been closed.
    6. It’s not possible to claim ORB when the opportunity hasn’t been registered through the web form – thus when there is no notification for registration as proof (automatically send to reseller, Deltalink and F-Secure after submitting form).
    7. It’s not possible to register an opportunity when this opportunity has already been claimed by another reseller.
    8. Reseller that registers an opportunity will deliver the sales activities needed to close the deal: (please specify your plan how to follow up on the opportunity including these sales activities on the opportunity registration form)
      • Will help the end customer to understand the benefits and features of F-Secure solutions.
      • Will investigate what the challenges of the end customer are on security level and will show the end customer how F-Secure solutions can help him/her solving these challenges.
      • Will be delivering sales activities like demo’s, presentations, proof of concepts etc. to the end customer.
      • In case needed, the reseller will ask F-Secure and/or Deltalink for help with the previous mentioned issues in order to close the deal.
    9. Reseller agrees to continue delivering qualitative service to his (potential end customers) regarding F-Secure solutions:
      • Identify new sales opportunities for F-Secure solutions with new and existing b2b end customers.
      • Positive towards contact with an F-Secure account manager in order to define a partner status, to investigate the potential business and to think about a mutual agreed plan how to grow the F-Secure business.
      • Participated in the mandatory F-Secure reseller trainings to be able to become a F-Secure reseller.

General conditions

  1. F-Secure may at all times change the ORB program without notifying (potential) participants, without reason and without mutual agreement between all parties involved.
  2. If there are sufficient arguments, F-Secure and Deltalink always have the right not to pay the bonus or to cancel it.
  3. F-Secure generated leads may not be registered in the ORB program.
  4. Leads generated by Deltalink may not be registered in the ORB progam, unless specifically approved by F-Secure.
  5. Only F-Secure can determine if a registration is qualified enough for payment.
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