deltalink Care Service

deltalink Care Service


deltalink Care Service (dCS) is a new service that covers on-site replacement whenever a hardware failure occurs. We have two offerings available, Next Business Day (NBD) and 4 Hours replacement.

In case of a defective device, simply contact our technical team and they will handle all the Fortinet RMA procedures for you. In the meantime, deltalink will be shipping a new device to your customer site.

If you combine the deltalink Care Service (dCS) with the deltalink Managed Firewall Service (dMFS), our technical team will also initialize the replacement unit with the last known configuration backup file before shipping.

You will receive a monthly report regarding the internet usage of your customers: bandwidth usage, most visited websites, applications that have been used, a list of malwares detected, VPN usage and much more. Additionally, you can also offer these detailed reporting’s to your customers as an extra service –free of charge or billable-, thus providing them with more useful insights in their Fortinet Network.

This brand-new service will definitely help you to better structure the overall management of your installed base and future installations of Fortinet firewalls, giving you easy access and clear view on it.

Your benefits:

  • Centralized and easy to manage cloud management
  • Generate added value and extra revenue
  • Powerful deltalink 2-hour pack support service included
  • Fast proximity care service by your Value-Added Distributor (VAR)/deltalink

Supported products in our offering are the following:

  • Fortigate UTM Firewall 30E
  • Fortigate UTM Firewall 50E
  • Fortigate UTM Firewall 60E
  • Fortigate UTM Firewall 100E
  • Fortinet Access Points FAP221E

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