Deltalink Telemarketing for Lead Generation Service

Telemarketing for Lead Generation Service

“Telemarketing that drives your business”: that is what we offer. The team from deltalink are experts at calling business, identifying the right person, extracting the information needed and define the next step (offer, follow-up call, sales visit). We plan together what the objectives of the telemarketing campaign will be. A typical telemarketing campaign takes ½ to maximum 1 day.

Once the telemarketing project kicks off, our team provides routine updates and reports on the results of the activities. We provide you with a report and maintain a compiled report of all leads generated. At the end of the telemarketing campaign we sit together and go over the results and define what the next steps are that you need to do.

How we work:

  • You let us know you are interested
  • We set up a meeting (in your office or conference call) to define the scope of the telemarketing campaign (when, how, how long, what you expect etc.)
  • We come to you and we call from your offices
  • We call from deltalink offices
  • We call to end-users, identify projects  and make appointments for your sales
  • We call to end-users, identify projects and prepare the offer
  • We call to end-users in your name
  • We call to end-users in name of the vendor you are representing

What we need from you:

  • Your commitment that you will follow-up the leads
  • A contact person from your company that drives this project in your company
  • A cleaned-up list of prospects that you want us to call (cleaned-up means: no customers in the list, minimum a general telephone number, the name of the company we have to call)

What we do:

  • We do the telemarketing campaign for you
  • We report on the campaign
  • We make sure that the telemarketing campaign serves your needs.

Why use this service from deltalink?

  1. Get qualified B2B leads, leading to more business
  2. Build a prospect database with the right information for later follow-up or new marketing initiatives
  3. Use telemarketing professionals to contact your prospects
  4. Use deltalink on-demand ‘Telemarketing for B2B lead generation’ service as a flexible marketing tool for your company (no need for an upfront investment in people unless it is a proven and solid way for you to get more leads)

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