Return Merchandise Authorisation



Before sending us any goods, please read our RMA procedure.


Before sending us any goods, no matter what the reason (e.g. defective goods, crediting, DOA etc.), an RMA number has to be obtained from our Reseller Portal.


After completing the RMA form in the Dealerzone you will automatically receive an RMA number by e-mail. Then you can send the product in, marked for the attention of the RMA department, with the RMA number clearly marked on the outside of the package.


In the case of a request for credit, the product always needs to be in the original, complete and undamaged package, which then has to be packed inside another protective box. Goods without a protective box, or goods with incomplete, damaged packages, inappropriately applied writings or stickers will not be credited.


A repaired or swapped product will be sent together with the next order to save on transport fees. Products can be sent immediately, at the re-sellers (your) expense, if explicitly mentioned or requested (transport fee: 15€ + VAT).


A standard fee of 8 € + VAT will be charged for products which, following our testing procedures, prove to have no errors or defects.


Warranty voids for products which have become defective due to wrongful usage, or which are out of the warranty term. (Check out the warranty chapter for further details.)


For the return of goods without reason or approval, an administration fee of 8% of the value of the goods will be charged. In case of licenses, a fixed return fee of €50 per license will be charged. Already registered licenses cannot be returned.


Unless requested by the RMA department, the defective product has to be returned to us without any third party accessories (such as hard-disks in an NAS for example)


deltalink is not responsible for any loss of data during the repair process. The customer is always responsible for having a valid backup of data and/or configuration files before sending the product to our repair centre.

Do you have a question about our RMA procedure?

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