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Wi-Fi Site Survey

Whether it is for a new or existing Wi-Fi installation we can conduct, on your behalf, a wireless site survey at your customer’s location.

The purpose of a site survey is to optimise the planning and design of an efficient wireless network for your client. The site survey will determine the required wireless coverage, data rates and network capacity, and is followed by a product/solution recommendation by Deltalink.

A Wi-Fi Site Survey guarantees the optimal performance of the wireless network. It will eliminate potential problems such as incomplete or unreliable coverage or network capacity.


The Wi-Fi Site Survey includes:

  • A site visit by one of our trained staff equipped to do a wireless site survey over half a day
  • We ask the re-seller to accompany this person to the site
  • A test for Radio Frequency interference to identify the best installation location for the access points
  • A spectrum analysis
  • Building a heat map
  • A report of the results
  • A recommendation for the number of access points and other network products.

Do you need more information or do you want to book a Wi-Fi Site Survey?

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