Bundle Up with Xirrus and get a higher performance, cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution at a super competitive price. Don’t get nickeled and dimed for a full feature solution. Xirrus offers a complete solution for one simple price.

The Xirrus XMS-Cloud is a complete WIFI management solution with no hidden costs or upgrade fees. Unlike competitive offers, we do not limit functionality or charge additional license and upgrade fees for a complete solution.

Bundle Package

  • X2 high performance 802.11ac access point
  • Application Control for reliable performance
  • 3-year XMS-Cloud management with EasyPass

Bundle Up Benefits

  • Full-featured cloud management – compared to de-featured version of other solutions
    • Includes Application Control, policy engine, firewall, heat maps and much more
  • EasyPass access management included at no extra charge
    • Manage all employee, BYOD, guest or customer access to your Wi-Fi network, including single sign-on with Microsoft and Goggle
    • 1 year data storage in the cloud for historical reporting
  • Full premium support included for all software upgrades, advanced replacement on APs, full access to Xirrus support and more
  • Lifetime warranty on the access point
  • No upgrade fees to turn on missing features or functions

For more information, orders and pricing, send a mail to sales@deltalink.be (subject: Summer Deal #3: Bundle Up with Xirrus) or give us a call on +32 15 30 55 00.

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