At deltalink we are celebrating summer! Discover our amazing deals.

  1. XIRRUS: Bundle Up with Xirrus!
  2. FORTINET: Wireless Promotions

1. XIRRUS: Bundle Up with Xirrus!

Bundle Up with Xirrus and get a higher performance, cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution at a super competitive price. Don’t get nickeled and dimed for a full feature solution. Xirrus offers a complete solution for one simple price.

The Xirrus XMS-Cloud is a complete WIFI management solution with no hidden costs or upgrade fees. Unlike competitive offers, we do not limit functionality or charge additional license and upgrade fees for a complete solution.

Bundle Package

  • X2 high performance 802.11ac access point
  • Application Control for reliable performance
  • 3-year XMS-Cloud management with EasyPass

Bundle Up Benefits

  • Full-featured cloud management – compared to de-featured version of other solutions
    • Includes Application Control, policy engine, firewall, heat maps and much more
  • EasyPass access management included at no extra charge
    • Manage all employee, BYOD, guest or customer access to your Wi-Fi network, including single sign-on with Microsoft and Goggle
    • 1 year data storage in the cloud for historical reporting
  • Full premium support included for all software upgrades, advanced replacement on APs, full access to Xirrus support and more
  • Lifetime warranty on the access point
  • No upgrade fees to turn on missing features or functions

How to order? More info?

For more information, orders and pricing, send a mail to (subject: Summer Deal #3: Bundle Up with Xirrus) or give us a call on +32 15 30 55 00.


2. FORTINET: Wireless Promotions

To celebrate the summer we are offering great incentives to deploy new wireless networks from scratch. This is a great opportunity to ensure Customer’s Wireless Infrastructure is Fortinet Security Fabric ready and capable to face new security challenges (IoT to the Cloud) moving forward.

Package Promo Price Normal Price Extra Discount on End-User List Price
1x FG60E + 2x FAP221C 42%
1x FG60E-BDL + 2x FAP221C 42%
1x FG50E + 1x FAP221C 47%
1x FG50E-BDL + 1x FAP221C 48%
1x FG30E + 1x FAP221C 42%
1x FG30E-BDL + 1x FAP221C 42%
FAP221C 5-pack 42%

Prices excl. VAT, valid until 31/8/2017
Mention ‘Fortinet Wifi Summer Promo’ on your order form.
‘BDL’: includes UTM bundled services for 1 year: 8×5 FortiCare, Application Control, IPS, Antivirus, Webfiltering and Antispam services

Choose your FortiGate model FG30E/50E/60E and whether you need UTM bundled services or not.
Extend your WIFI networks with the FAP221C 5-pack promo.


How to order? More info?

For more information, orders and pricing, send a mail to (subject: Summer Deal #5: Fortinet Wireless Promotions) or give us a call on +32 15 30 55 00.


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