Xirrus provides the following solution for deltalink:

Xirrus was founded on the premise that “wireless would replace wired as the primary choice for network access” and they continue to hold that vision — transforming wired to wireless by providing the most powerful, scalable, and simple wireless access solutions to organizations who depend on it for day-to-day operations.


Their passion

They are incredibly passionate about what they create. And they do it differently. They enjoy challenging the wireless status quo…doing things better…doing things right. They go beyond the specs and initial sale. They engage with their customers through the ultimate value of what their solutions bring: seamless wireless access under all circumstances, including the most demanding.

Their commitment

When they make a customer’s wireless network as reliable as wired, workflow accelerates. When they design a wireless solution that handles critical applications flawlessly, productivity improves. And when they deliver rich-media streaming wirelessly, in super dense user environments, satisfaction rises. Wireless isn’t a “nice-to-have” anymore. Done right, it’s a strategic IT infrastructure advantage that fuels your organization. And they do it right.

Through product invention and system design, commitment to customer success, and the industry’s best price performance, they give you confidence that your wireless network performs when and where needed.


Our vendors reflect innovation, creativity and efficiency.

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Fortsesteenweg 25,
2860 Sint-Katelijne-Waver,

Phone: +32 15 30 55 00
Email: info@deltalink.be

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