The real world and the digital world are ever-changing, and so are our thoughts, ideas, and perceptions.

In today’s tumultuous environment, it can be hard to guess what the future holds.
To cut through the noise, WithSecure™ conducted a series of dedicated surveys to amplify the voices of IT professionals across the globe. The results are in.

The Pulse23 survey asked questions around security solutions, future challenges, cloud infrastructure, IT strategy, and much more. Thousands of people responded, and now we want to share those insights with you.

Our Pulse campaign offers:

Deep dive analysis of the data around:

  • Future cyber security priorities and goals
  • How much organizations should spend on cyber security
  • The importance of data residency
  • Why organizations are switching between security vendors
  • Customizable insights: check how your region, company size and industry compare to the global results
  • Video insights from your peers


Download Pulse23 Report

Download Pulse23 Report


Top 5 security priorities for 2023



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